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No to bullying! Stop it now before it's too late.

Being beautiful is not only based on how the way you dressed up or how the people judge on your face but it's your personality that comes from within. Not all people do like you but you don't have to please them in order to be like back.

Bullying played the biggest role in our life why we don't have enough confidence to be true to our self. They somehow treat you like a scrap material that's not capable of living in this world. That's why many people committed suicide or anything else because of that specific reason for bullying someone. I do hate bullying because I once being bullied till now that I was in my adult stage.

Why do bullied someone if your not that perfect to be called? Why do we have to endure the pain that we felt in our hearts because of your doing? Why do we have to live like this to be able to be appreciated by others? 
We are not assholes but we are truly made by God. We are not aliens who hide from the sunlight for us not to be caught. We do really exist because of our courage to pursue our living goal.  

Having a great personality and being able to communicate with others is such a great relief for me as to be called beautiful. Having a beautiful face is not a lifetime achievement but it can be ruined throughout the years that pass by. If you think your beautiful then bare with me because I do love people who have the same confidence as me to face those plastic ones.

All I can say is that never bully someone if you don't want to be bully too. You have no rights to hurt's someone's feeling so please stop it now before it's too late because KARMA is everywhere you should hide first before being caught by it.

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