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Monetized your website or blog with Bidvertiser

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It is one of the most popular and the oldest monetization program online and was running since 2003. It is a good competitor to Adsense and is famous for its way of giving approval to those website or blogger owners who want to join their monetization platform. Not as like Adsense that compiled many rules in order to get their approval and wait for a couple of days to get into the monetization process. Bitvertiser is much better than Adsense because once you sign-up and gets verified your website or blog through their code your ads will be placed immediately on your site.

Their revenue model is based on CPC (Cost per click) with the highest potential of increase of a revenue if someone made that ads into a conversation. They do accept free blogger hosting and ensure their publishers that they will have a great support and give the highest performance for their ads.

They also offer a  Referral in case you want to increase your earnings. You can choose which banner really suits your website.
                           Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Payment method is through Paypal, Check, Western Union, Wire Transfer. Their minimum payout is $500 for Paypal and Wire Transfer while with Western Union and check is $100 and $10.
You can choose what ad formats will you use whether banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, inline ads or mobile ad formats.

If you have a unique XML feed you can monetize them by Web search, In-text ads, domain parking.

Don't expect too much in Bidvertiser because their Cos per click is low unlike to the other ad networks.

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