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How to submit sitemap to bing webmaster tool?

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If your looking some ways to drive more traffic to your blog or website then Bing might help you in that kind of situation. The sitemap you submitted in Bing will crawl and indexed your site's page and will be shown in Bing and Yahoo.

Steps in Submitting a sitemap in bing;

Go to your Bing Webmaster account and Submit your sitemap.
Your account must be verified in order to have the permission the submit your sitemap.
Click and Go to "Sitemap" option available under "Configure my site".
Enter your sitemap URL and click the button widget.
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When you finished submitting your sitemap to bing it will appear also on the same page but it takes a day to crawl the first submitted sitemap and then it will be crawled every day. If the submitted sitemap causes an error it will be posted in " Crawl Information" under "Reports Tab".

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You should be alert whenever you change or add something from your site because URL's sitemap and the real site may mismatch and can occur an error in the result. Sitemap has the biggest role in your blog or website so don't forget to submit sitemap or else you can't be seen in the search engine.

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