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How to build e-commerce store in blogger through

You'd love to blog about anything but you'll want something more than that is much more enjoyable and that you can earn a lot of money as well. Why not trying to have a blog or website that has an online store. Do you want to know how I build my first ever online extension store on my blogger account?

I guess you're guessing it right? Since it's very impossible to build e-commerce store in blogger but that's not impossible nowadays because there's a lot of sites out there that gives you an opportunity to use their website to attached it to your blogger account.

It's just simple you just have to build your own blogger account if you don't have one and then must go to and there you go.

Create your account in and then after building your customized store linked your store to your blogger account. Just insert those codes into your websites and it's well ready to go. 

Ecwid has a free plan menu but their specific amount of products per day upload is only 10 items. If you want to add more products you have to upgrade to their plan in order to have more products on your site. But for me, I'll just have to stick to the free plan only since I'm just starting in this business.

You attached your store also to your Facebook page for more earnings to make.

Adding a product is much simple like you somehow eat your breakfast you just have to go to Product and then you'll good to go.

Try it now to have that beautiful e-commerce store on your blogger website. It's totally free and very much clean.

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