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Google Adsense ads won't show ads on my website?

I know you have the same situation as mine regarding of this Adsense ads issues. This Google Adsense not just has a strict rule but you should comply with their policies in order to get approved.

Once their website detects some copyright infringement or any malicious content they won't allow you either to have their ads placed on your site. Whether you like it or not your website must have a clean and unique appearance before applying for monetization in Adsense.

I tried blogging because I like it and even though I'm not holding any degree. I am still proud of myself because I have the courage to speak out my thoughts and that's the greater attitude you should pursue being true to your self. Even if someone humiliated me because my content is basically wrong I don't care as long as I am not pointing my nose at others.

Life is just like putting ads on your website or content. If you feel it's not working try some different monetization site that will fit your needs. There are lots of monetizing platform online that offer a great service and has no strict rules to be followed.

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