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Internet in Philippines sucks

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TM and Globe are the biggest Network provider here in the Philippines but still, they don't have any progress in their services. Many complainants like me seeking for a hope that someday our networks will be better enough and much affordable especially to the poorest ones.

These networks are not just part of our lives but our work also relies on them. We used internet access for our businesses every day and so on but one's internet eruption occur we lose clients and stocks in the market.

You understand it does you? I am not the only one here suffering from this big headache they cause but many of us Filipinos especially to those OFW's who contacted their loved ones here in the Philippines.

Not just their internet sucks but most of it is their signal. If they can provide a great service they can't hear us giving some bad feedbacks. We can't just sit back and wait for them to give action because in the first they don't do that. They don't give us the customer satisfaction that we needed most.

I am not an attention seeker here but I'm just stating the fact that I am not satisfied with their services. If you could just give us some great experienced in your network we won't complain anymore.

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