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Work as Search Evaluator

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Search engines are composed of algorithms and that makes us insane. In a state of example if you will be able to search a specific person online it shows you a million results that have a linked to his/her site has his/her name on it. But search engines are also tough for some reason because in most cases problems occur and needed someone to fix those errors. Search engines can't fix its own bugs that's why it relies on someone that called as Search Evaluator.

What's the job of Seach Evaluator?

As a Search Evaluator, you will be hired as an independent contractor and not an employee of a company. The companies will pay you $10-$15 per hour and make you sign up for a disclosure agreement that limits your work and pay.

But before you become a Search Evaluator there is some test you need to take up for. Don't worry it's not that difficult as you think but on the other hand, it can take up to several hours and you can't get paid for this interview okay.


1. Work at home - you have the comfortable place where you can work with ease. Less hassle and can have your own privacy.
2. Own time and no boss - it's definitely a dream job for you having no boss around you and can work on your own time and schedule. It's a big wow for me!
3. Learn a lot of things online - while your browsing at the fastest speed you can get some tips or maybe read an article or discover some new things online and that's great help tool for you to expand your knowledge with some new learning techniques.


1. Pay your own taxes - You must pay your taxes quarterly and file a schedule File C at tax time.
2. Track your hours of work - you should keep on tracking your working hours or else you will not get paid. The company gets to check into your monthly voice for your payment so don't be lazy in checking your working time.
3. No benefits - Since your an independent contractor it's a part of your contract that you will not get those benefits you need and that you will get fired easily also.
4. You get to pay once a month - Unlike the other companies that pay you twice, this area is not since your an independent contractor. That's a big difference for this state earn while suffering.
5. Work is limited - you can't have an unlimited work here since it is like a part-time job so you have to wait and see.

 Find these jobs on:

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Yes, it is an easy job since you can work at home but is it worth at the time to spend? You should not stick to one job only if you don't want to get disappointed find much better on this rather sticking this little one.

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