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A web hosting company that was founded by  Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo Utah with the amount of 750 staff workers working in their company. The most popular web hosting used by with a simple click installation.

Their pricing rate goes to $2.95 to $3.95 per month which is very affordable for all website or blogs owners. Over the decade of working as one of the best web hostings providers, they build their own reputation that makes them stand out from the other competitors.

Want to find out more about Bluehost?

➥ In the first glance, we might think that they have a cheap web hosting but it's totally not! Are you shocked? 
Yes, you can have a web hosting for as low as $2.95 dollar but with a shared hosting. Or you can either upgrade to a Starter Plan with costs of $7.99 per month compared to WP plans costs at $12.49 monthly which is very expensive to us mostly like starters.
➥Starter plans come with 100 email accounts with the Plus and Pro plans that offer the unlimited account.
➥ You can get unmetered bandwidths with all of your accounts.
➥With the additional bonuses of $2000 marketing offer for your account.
➥  A CPanel area where you can be customized and control your sites.

Bluehost offers:


Dedicated Hosting is the most expensive of all of them. It is more likely applicable to those businesses that have a big commercial status that needs full handling control.
Shared Hosting is good for those starters and has a small business like online store etc.
VPS hosting is where you can share your servers to others but you have the control system so servers function works as well as your own.
Wordpress hosting is for Wordpress Costumer.

Shared Hosting Plans:

↠ Starter or Beginner: $3.49-$7.99/month
↠Plus: Regular price $10.49/month
↠Business Bro-$23.49/month
  -- 100 GB space
  -- unmetered bandwidth
 --one domain, five parked domains, and 25 sub-domains
 -- 100 email accounts, 500 MB storage, $50 marketing offers

VPS Hosting Plans:

↠ Standard: $14.99 the first month goes up to $29.99
↠Enhanced:$29.99 the first month goes up to $59.99
↠Premium: $49.99 the first month goes up to $89.99
↠Ultimate: $59.99 the first month goes up to $199.99

-- 2 CPU cores up to three and four cores up to the top of two plans
-- 30 GB San storage to 240 GB
-- RAM ranges from 2GB to 8GB
-- 1TB Bandwith for Standard Level to 4TB for the ultimate level
-- 1 domain included
-- 3 IP addresses for Standard, 4 Enhanced, 5 for Premium
-- Back up plan 24/7 money back guarantee

Wordpress Hosting Plans:

↠Blogger: $12.49 the first month goes up to $24.99
↠Professional:$37.50 first month goes up to $74.99
↠Business:$60.00 first month goes up to $119.99
↠Enterprise:$85.00 first month goes up to $169.99

--30 GB storage
--30 GB backup space 
-- 2 GB ram up to 5 sites
--Cpanel, SiteLock CDN, site lock pro for security

E-commerce Features:

Offers shopping carts like Zen, Cube, Agora and Os Commerce with a security for your transaction that is totally free OpenPGP/GPGEncrytion. You can use the $200  credits offer to promote your website to any social media sites.

Security purposes:

 This is a Spam expert, Spam Hammer and an Apache Spam assassin that helps you protect your inbox as well as all of your directories. It has also a secure shell(SHH) configures your files one by one securely with a built-in Cloudflare to speed up your site and good for DDOS attacks.

Refund policy in Bluehost:

They have a 30 money back guarantee that gives you some time to cancel your order.

Bluehost has the best interface to make your website organized with a self-hosted customer service that answers your complaints etc.

The good thing for Bluehost is they have the best service in the Web Hosting area. They provide free domain, Cpanel area, excellent security, numerous databases, tons of free websites scripts, e-commerce features with a built-in Cloudflare to get a higher performance level.

Bad things for Bluehost is that you need to install their add-ons manually to get the full function done while their plans are very expensive compared to the other Web Hosting provider.

Overall Bluehost is excellent I will definitely recommend it to you.

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