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Top 10 Affiliate Site that you can Monetize your Website or Blog

A simple and easy step for websites or bloggers owners who want to earn money is through the Affiliate Program. All you have to do is promote someone's product on your blog or website and if you drive sales you can earn money through commissions.

If you have a blog or website why not try this alternative and effective strategy to earn money. I will provide 10 possible sites that you can apply for affiliates.

Cover Kit

  Cover Kit gives you great tools so you can earn commision through blogging advertisement. You can earn a 30% commision if you can refer someone to their site.


This website is for food bloggers where you just put the code on the head of your food blog and swoop will recognize the ad within your content. The revenue determined per click on the Swoop's link to your site.


 This is also an affiliate program that's really suited to those bloggers who loved to travel where you can earn 60% commission on bookings that made on your blog. They are able to increase their revenue 3 times if they will deploy the hotel power ads.


 Offers wide-ranging niches from its revenue and can earn up to 40% cashback on the purchases that are coming from your site. Members also can earn by referring someone to come over to Ebates site.

Liberty Classroom

  The center of interest of this website is to equip the courses that are associated with history and economics. You can earn 50% commision by promoting their brand and if someone remains subscribed to you for the period of time you can earn 50% of the subscription fee that is provided by Liberty Classroom.


   You'll just have to sign up to their affiliate program and shares those links into your social media platform. If someone signs up your Shopify link you will earn money through it. Just refer someone to earn lots of money.

eBay Partner Network

 You'll get paid if your eBay's link makes sell. They provide great tools to assist you in order to drive traffic to eBay listings through their blog.


 You can earn up to 10% commision on the products you got to promote into their site. They have a good reputation when it comes to payments and provide customer satisfaction.

Amazon Associates

 Earn up to 10% commision to the most trusted e-commerce affiliate program where you can choose millions of products to promote in your blog or website.

Creative Market

More on digital design, such as fonts, Wordpress themes, and vector graphics. You can earn money by referring someone to come over to their site.

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