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How to work online at home?

 You're thinking about working but you can't because you have kids at home that needs your assistance and care. Well, we have the possible solution for you!
Why not work at home? If your asking me "is it possible to work at home while watching my kids?". 

I probably answer you "yes you can" why?? Because of working in your own home with your own time and not having a boss around you is less stress. 

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I already experienced all those criticism when I was working in a Factory company where she told about my behavior was totally bad and I was like answered her that I was not that she's totally wrong. And she confronted me and told me that I shouldn't answer her because she's in a higher rank position and I was only in low. She scolded me like I have no any rights to defend myself because I was just her work and I was going about to cry because all their entire sayings about me weren't true.

Even if you worked hard in a company and behave like a statue they make false stories at you because they don't want you to be in there and got promoted. I used to love about working in the other company but I already lost my confidence in myself in working because whatever I do they don't recognize me as the real me and that my effort was not all worth it to be praised by them.

So now I am trying to find a much better way on how I can fully regain my confidence and that's when I found an article that says "Why not work at home and be your own boss?". I was skeptical at first because I don't know what's that really mean and how I should do that? It's really hard to think that I don't have any idea about that thing but someone engaged me and showed me the things I wanted to know how is it going to work.
When I already knew the strategy I started to work on it I build my own website and here it goes!. Yes, I would gladly to introduce to you the world of blogging:)...

Is it familiar to you? Yes, blogging is now popular nowadays and maybe you should try it too.
Blogging not just gives you freedom but to have a time consumption. Time is much highly appreciated here since you are a beginner you should take all the risk in here. It's not just simple as you think but you have to make effort in it and build the things that needed in this related field.
Can I call this work at home? Yes, it is since you made time and effort in it and much important is you can make money through blogging.
But you can't make money easily in blogging since you should have to put much time and you should build great content in order to catch the eye of the reader.
If your looking for some websites that can provide you free platform then maybe you should try Blogger!.
If you don't want to blog then try to search some websites that hired some workers maybe you get the chance to work at home...

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