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How to be a good wife to your husband?

It's pretty interesting topic to be discussed especially if we don’t have any ideas what’s going on in a relationship. Everybody says that being in a relationship is such a great factor that needed to be enhanced in order to stay committed to your partner.

Here are the ideas that jump right into my mind:

Trust him –  Every relation must have the word trust because this is how your daily routine goes. Each one of you every day goes to work in different areas and in different people. If you don’t have any trust in each other there’s no way you can stay put in a relationship.

Love each other – there’s no any powerful thing in this world in a word Love because that’s how we live in peace with no hatred just only love.

Don’t make any false accusation’s if you have no any pieces of evidence – yes we have the feeling of guts that they may even cheat us if we are not around or if they are in their work but please don’t just based your story on how the way you felt. Find any pieces of evidence about him before confronting because that’s the best way to do. And if you can’t find any shreds of evidence try to make a small conversation with him about in your relation.
Give him a surprised gift- boys do fall in love over and over again if you give them any surprised gift that’s coming from your heart. Not just only boys should be wrapped our gifts but we have the rights to give back too. Maybe someone thinks us that wrapping boys gift makes us looks cheap but we’re not! We are just being sweet to them in order to build a strong relation.

Cooked his favorite food-  I bet ya, you already did this not only to your husband but to your children too. Cooking is not easy but you have to find a way in order to feed your family with your own cooking recipes. Maybe it’s bad at first but as the time goes by you will get all those cooking technique styles.

Do household chores-  Being a wife it’s not just sitting alone and waiting for your husband to come home along. You should have to do all the chores in the house and take good care of your siblings while your husband still at work. The house your living at must be clean at neat to have a good living place.

Have faith in God –  having faith in God is a great tool to have a better place to live in with people around you. God is the only one who understands us the most and knows the best for us. So don’t forget God in your everyday’s living because he’s the only one who cares us a lot. 

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