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Florida bridge collapsed that left 4 dead and 9 injured in the incident

 The Miami officials released a statement for the incident that happened on March 15, 2018, where the pedestrian bridge collapsed. They conducted a rescue search operation till this past midnight if any survivor still on the site.
In the official statement of Fire Chief Dave Downey stated that they've found 4 people dead in a rubbled and crumpled vehicle and 9 injured victims that were being rushed to the nearest hospitals but they didn't speak out their entire conditions. He added that they're still in search and rescue mode was they hired trained canines, search for any cameras in the area and sensitive listening devices.
Governor of Florida Rick Scoot said in the interview that "everybody is working hard to make sure we rescue anyone who can be rescued". He told reporters that he's digging some information about "why this happened and what happened". He assured everyone that he will catch up the person beyond all of this happenings and make charged his/her wrong doings.

It was still under construction when the collapsed of the bridge happened where the other side of the bridge goes to Florida International University and the other one goes to west in the cities of downtown. The rescue team drilled holes into the debris and used trained dogs to look for a possible survivor. They are being careful in every move because the part of the structure was still unsafe for them to take a big step.

The bridge was being able to assemble and moved in order to connect Florida International University. FIU President Mark Rosenberg stated that "this bridge was about goodness, not sadness". He's feeling sorry for the loss and be able to help accompany those victims.

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