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May 26, 2018

Authentic Look Style for Work

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This new pair of style is branded to be more appealing especially if you're going to work or a job trip. Having a gorgeous look in the office is commonly recommended and that you want to show your inner style to your co-workmates.

Every day your dwelling some time to think what you gonna wear to your first job ever and that your boss will admire you.

Specifically, this kind of  Burberry - The Amberford Hooded Shell Trench Coat - Mushroom • Burberry • doesn't only suit for some winter days but for some working days too. You can see some actress in movies or drama in South Korea used to wear this kind of dress like Kim Ju Hyun, Suzy Bae and much more...

Paired it with some Linea Paolo 'Felicia' Wedge Bootie • Linea Paolo • that makes you more taller and attractive to everyone. The bootie leads you to stardom like a model in Victoria Fashion Show that whenever you walked someone praises you because of how the way you flaunts your body and with a sexy tick tock bootie.

Added some Dipia Tote Canvas Overnight Tote • Sole Society that helps you look more authentic and a  Kendra Scott Convertible Pendant Necklace • Kendra Scott that matches the whole thing that you wear and last thing that makes you look like a celebrity Ray-Ban - Clubmaster Acetate Sunglasses - Black • Ray-Ban.

This is a just a simple trick to make you more dazzling in the eyes of your workmates and I have many more styles to show up!!! Stay tuned for my next fashion style:)))

May 26, 2018

Fresh Look for outdoor activities

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Teenagers nowadays are more likely want to visit any places that they like or jams some friends in any bars and other public places that they want to hang out along.  Some of them just intend to wear some nerdy style of fashion or just like "hello world I don't care about how my looks look alike as long as I can hang out with my friends it's enough for me!".

Yeah, You probably do that just like me but eventually, I notice some of my styles don't really fit me especially if we were going somewhere to have a relaxation. I usually do that because I don't really care about myself and in some cases, people judge you because of how the way you look and what style you wear doesn't suit you. So here I am trying to improve myself just like you.

So some of my searches online linked me to this fashion trends!. Well, if you are going to outdoors typically you wear the T-shirt, jeans, and shoes still you look like a nerd rapper. We are going to evolve that style into a casual but still with a class and fresh look.

Everyone will acknowledge you with your different but stunning look now! From wearing a Mara Eyelet  Button Blouse paired it with some sexy ripped jeans by Nordstrom. Bag from Louis Vitton that makes you even more professional with it and a simple sandal made by Tory Burch added some earrings by Kendra Scott.

People may be interested in the style you wear and liked to wear it too. Somehow this is just my suggestions so if you ever liked it then try it or maybe if you don't then it's okay. Just follow your own style and I am still sticking to my own too!!.

But I reassured you that you really stunt in this looks that I provided you!! So better check it out it to see the next gorgeous you!!!

May 26, 2018

Drake throws some shade to Kanye West and Pusha T in his new song "Duppy Freestyle"

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 Drake released his new single "Dubby Freestyle" where the song pointing out to Kanye West and Pusha T. It is available now in Spotify, Itunes etc.

Pusha T who suspected Drake for ghostwriting in his new song "Infrared" got an answer from him. Pusha's album was produced by Kanye West and was published on May 25, 2018.

The two opponent is just like having a vice versa talk in their rap songs. Drake song's lines are strong and furious while Pusha is like having a hot chili sauce that's very hot whenever you sip it.
Latest controversy of Pusha T was when he used Whitney Houston drug-ridden bathroom for his cover photo and said that he paid the rights to use it for his album a cost of $85,000.

We don't know the exact reasons why the three rappers are feuding each other however for some reason maybe they don't want to be in the public so they just put their stories into the lyrics of their songs. Well, that's a rapper's tricks!

Songwriters wrote their songs based on their life experience and with mix emotions because that's what people liked about you. Music played the biggest role in our life as a reliever especially if we are really broke.

May 26, 2018

Nicki Minaj and Eminen dating?

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Nicki Minaj who just recently dropped off her new single "Chun Li" was asked by a fan in an Instagram post if she's dating Eminem and she answered a big "YES". Though we didn't see the two publicly dating it will still remain a speculation this time.


  Eminem who is already divorced with his wife Kim Scoot said in an interview of The Volture that he hasn't been dating yet and that he doesn't make a public announcement about his divorce settlement.

The said rapper also added that he often used the Tinder app to find a girl for him to date and go to some strip clubs to get together with some sexy chicks.

Eminem also posted on Instagram quoted "Girl you know it’s true" and Nicki Minaj also reacted on Eminem post stated "Babe, I thought we were gonna keep it on the low til the wedding. Yikes. I’ll talk to you when I get home". Maybe the two just clowning us and just want us to speculate even more.

Well, there's nothing wrong with the two if they want to date each other since they're still both single.

Though Nicki Minaj answered the fan question on Instagram she's busy too promoting her new album "Queen". The full album will be officially released on June 15, 2018, and a tour will be planned next after the released.

May 26, 2018

Indiana shooting incident left three people injured

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An accidental shooting that was happened on Friday at Noblesville, Indiana middle school was made by a student that resulted in the major injury of the three people.

The exact time that the incident happened was merely at 9;00 am. A student whose studying in the middle school took some approval to his teacher so that he can leave the classroom for a short time. The student arrived the class with two guns lifted in his hands said Jowitt in a news conference.

The suspect got apprehended immediately and was in police custody. They don't name the suspect or either the other student who was injured in the shooting incident.

A student in the class claims that his teacher Mr. Jason Seaman got over the suspect. He stated "Mr. Seaman started running at him. He tackled him to the ground. We were all hiding in the back of a classroom behind some desks, then he was yelling to call 911, to get out of the building as fast as we could, so we ran out in immediately".He added that his teacher is a great defender.

 This was the second threat that was reported encountered in the school said Jowitt and he ensured that the area was surrounded by multiple officers as well as the students and staff in the building.

Mr. Barnes said that they don't know the motives of the suspect or where the guns came from. They still conducting an investigation into this matter and won't stop till they got the result.

The school still closed and the classes will be returned in some major school except Noblesville West Middle School said Superintendent Dr. Beth Neidermeyer. They will also provide counseling for all students and employees on Saturday and Monday. The classes will end on June 1, 2018, as stated on the school website.

The Governor of Indiana Mr. Eric J. Holcomb comforted the victims of the incident through a message and supervised the whole situation.
May 25, 2018

Asap Rocky "Testing" album is Available now!!

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 Rocky's album is finally dropping now after of being delayed in 6 months. He is a perfectionist person so it took so long to get the correct tune of the song. Rockey quoted "One little thing, one little mishap, one little imperfection could throw off a whole cycle. I would prefer to put out music to change people’s mood or uplift or get a feeling or a reaction, opposed to just making music to stay relevant for the sake of popularity."

For the past months of studying the rhythms of his song, he concluded that it's far from traditional and he even uses dummy imaginary and switches to lab rat in order to complete the whole song. He stated that "I’ve discovered sounds that I’ve never heard before, so I’m trying to manifest all of that into my new stuff. Do you ever hear people when they describe that LSD experience and they tell you about colors that they never have seen before? That’s what I’m trying to describe. It’s like the manifestation of drugs ... without being so vocal about it."

His album was already in Spotify, Apple Music, and Itunes.

Rocky's the rapper revealed some of his songs features like Skepta, Frank Sinatra, Kid Cudi, Lauryn Hill and many more, He even mentions that he was going to collaborate with Zane Lowe of Beats 1.

We're very excited to hear some of your songs in the next few days. Stay tuned and be updated with our latest news.!!!
May 25, 2018

PopCash Review

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PopCash is another advertising program that was established on the year 2012 and still running in this current time. The said program is in demand especially to us publishers who want to monetize our website or blog. They don't require any views or how popular is your blog or website because they focused on how they can help to monetize your blog.

Other websites may have strict rules to follow but this one doesn't have any of that. How great this website right?

Since you don't have a lot of ideas about PopCash well I am going to introduce you to their program.
PopCash is very clean and fast loading website that delivers millions of ads per month and has ranked in Alexa at no. 365.

Being at the top rank of Alexa is a lifetime achievement most of us bloggers why? Because you have to pull first the trigger before you can make it to the uppermost.

Signing in PopCash is very easy and fast approved because they don't want someone like you to wait for nothing. They make sure to you that you will be one of their top earners and make you earn even more money.

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